Trading with Python Intro – Data Import

Traditionally, there have been two general ways of analyzing market data: In recent years, computer science and mathematics revolutionized trading, it has become dominated by computers helping to analyze vast amounts of available data.  Algorithms are responsible for making trading decisions faster than any human being could. Machine learning and … Read More

How would you validate-test a predictive model?

How would you validate-test a predictive model? Why evaluate/test model at all? Evaluating the performance of a model is one of the most important stages in predictive modeling, it indicates how successful model has been for the dataset. It enables to tune parameters and in the end test the tuned model … Read More

Why would you use Regularization and what it is?

Why would you use Regularization and what it is? In Machine Learning, very often the task is to fit a model to a set of training data and use the fitted model to make predictions or classify new (out of sample) data points. Sometimes model fits the training data very … Read More

Introduction to TensorFlow

Introduction to TensorFlow. What is TensorFlow? The shortest definition would be, TensorFlow is a general-purpose library for graph-based computation. But there is a variety of other ways to define TensorFlow, for example, Rodolfo Bonnin in his book – Building Machine Learning Projects with TensorFlow brings up definition like this: “TensorFlow … Read More

Where to learn TensorFlow for Free?

Below a list of free resources to learn TensorFlow: TensorFlow website: Udacity free course: Google Cloud Platform: Coursera free course: Machine Learning with TensorFlow by Nishant Shukla : ‘First Contact With TensorFlow’ by Prof. JORDI TORRES:  or you can order from Amazon: First Contact With Tensorflow Kadenze Academy: … Read More

Tensor Flow Cheat Sheet.

TensorFlow Quick Reference Table – Cheat Sheet. TensorFlow is a very popular deep-learning library, with its complexity can be overwhelming, especially for new users. Here is a short summary of often-used functions, if you want to download it in pdf it is available here: TensorFlow CheetSheet – If you … Read More

Popular Pandas snippets used in data analysis.

Popular Pandas snippets used in data analysis. Pandas is very popular Python library for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization, I would like to share my personal view on the list of most often used functions/snippets for data analysis. 1.Import Pandas to Python import pandas as pd 2. Import data from … Read More

Numerai – deep learning example code.

In a previous post on Numerai, I have described very basic code to get into a world of machine learning competitions. This one will be a continuation, so if you haven’t read it I recommend to do it- here. In this post, we will add little more complexity to the … Read More